Since its beginning in 1996, Sistemas do Futuro contributed in a decisive and entrepreneurial way for the use of new information technologies in the management of cultural and natural heritage through the development and commercialization of innovative products. Sistemas do Futuro has a multidisciplinary team that develops and implements different products using new technologies of information and communication in the cultural area, complemented with consulting services, technical assistance and specialized training. Partnerships and agreements with universities, research centres and cultural institutions were crucial for the company's success.

"Giving a new dimension to Cultural and Natural Heritage through the New Technologies."



  • Artistic Heritage Management

  • Immovable Heritage Management

  • Natural Heritage Management

  • Intangible Heritage Management

  • Documentation and Archives Management

  • Human osteological remains management

  • Integrated Heritage Management

  • Cultural Heritage Thesaurus

  • Online content management

  • Cultural Heritage Online access

Artistic Heritage Management

Designed for the management of museum objects, in arte is used by a large number of institutions (Museums, Foundations, Dioceses, Universities, etc.) responsible for the management and safekeeping of cultural heritage.

One of the requirements for the development of this system is the search for compliance with international standards of management and documentation of cultural heritage, with special attention to the standards developed by the International Committee for Documentation of the International Council of Museums (ICOM-CIDOC), the “Normalización documental de Museos” (Spanish Ministry of Culture), and “Spectrum: The UK Museum Collections Management Standard (Collections Trust)”.


Immovable Heritage Management

Designed for management of cultural heritage, archaeological sites and historic buildings, in domus presents itself as a system with high technical quality allowingThis system is the result of a research process involving experts from different fields and nationalities and is supported by international standards for documentation and management of cultural heritage.


Natural Heritage Management

in natura focuses on natural heritage for which it is considered a capable and flexible management solution. In the research and development of this software protocols were established with several universities and institutions enabling them to contribute with the knowledge and expertise of specialized technicians.

It is a technologically advanced and scientifically proven product which enables the integrated management of information on species and specimens supplemented with information on habitat and geographic location. It can also be integrated with Geographic Information Systems.


Intangible Heritage Management

One of the fundamental measures established and approved in the UNESCO Convention for the safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage, on October 17th, 2003, which aimed to safeguard the variety of cultural manifestations and expressions, is to draw up inventories. These are the basis for embarking on further safeguarding measures such as: identification, documentation, research, preservation, protection, promotion, enhancement and revival.

In addition to its stand-alone capability in managing intangible heritage, in memoria can also be used with other applications developed by Sistemas do Futuro for managing all kind of cultural Heritage.


Documentation and Archives Management

in doc, designed for documentation and information manage in archives, is divided into two major areas - Library References and Archive Documentation.

This software is installed on a web server where users can access it through a browser such as Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome, regardless of the operating system used.

It enables the registration and cataloguing of documents according to library guidelines for Monographs, Periodicals, Analyticals, etc. For historical archives the ISAD structure and multi-level description rules are followed.

in doc may also be used in conjunction with the applications developed by Sistemas do Futuro for managing Cultural Heritage.


Human osteological remains management

in anthropos is a management system with several potentialities regarding osteological and cultural remains from past populations. It can also provide an effective management for osteological collections in museums, municipalities, universities and other institutions with scientific projects in Physical Anthropology. This application allows consulting and managing detailed information on funerary anthropology, paleodemograpgy and preliminary paleopathological data gathered from excavation sites.

in anthropos can be used with other products from Sistemas do Futuro.


Integrated Heritage Management

in patrimonium allows the global management of cultural heritage. This system provides continuity and complements our line of products respecting the same technical characteristics, interface type and quality that Sistemas do Futuro has been developing for the cultural heritage information management area.

Under the umbrella of a global management concept, in patrimonium integrates all the information that exist in various applications (in arte, in domus, in doc, in natura and in memoria)) into a single application, thus ensuring better cultural heritage information management.

in patrimonium.NET was developed with the most recent Web technologies. What distinguishes this new product is that the application is installed on a Web server which users can access through a browser such as Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Safari ou Google Chrome, regardless of the operating system used in the institution instead of the tipical Client/Server architecture, which implies installing the application for each user (client).


Cultural Heritage Thesaurus

Only in Portuguese Version

Online content management

in site is a content management system that allows the Institution to manage website content dynamically over the Internet.

Provides management and maintenance of websites and newsletters through a set of editing features of all sorts of multimedia content, giving institutions full autonomy to manage their pages, thus facilitating their Internet presence.

Cultural Heritage Online access

in web operates as an interface between the internet user and the different internal management systems such as in arte, in domus, in natura, in doc, in memoria ou in patrimonium.
This system allows for information to be looked up dynamically with any of the afore-mentioned databases.

in web was developed to operate in stand-alone mode or to be personalized and integrated into the Organisation’s web page, taking into account the design of that page and the type of information available to the public.
in web junior was designed to meet the needs of a younger audience. Based on the technology used to create in web, this product has a specific design in accordance with the target audience defined by the museum or institution. in web junior complements the publicly accessible information with interactive environments where anyone can play games about the collections and heritage available in this kind of sites.

The games are developed specifically for each client according to their museum or project contents.



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